Career based coding trainings for small kids in Singapore

Do you know that the small kids in Singapore have a great interest in the coding languages? Well, it is pretty astonishing that the kids of 8 years age are showing a great interest towards the programming languages. To support the rising interest of the kids, the popular institutes in Singapore are offering necessary trainings to the kids.


The renowned organisations of Singapore have arranged an extra ordinary setup to train the kids in an efficient way. The institutes have arranged experienced instructors from different IT companies in order to ensure proper trainings to the kids. The instructors have keen knowledge about the programming concepts and thus they greatly ensure appropriate teachings to the kids. Though it is difficult to teach the kids at such an early age, but still the instructors manage to teach the students in a friendly atmosphere. To enhance the interest of the kids towards the programming concepts, every student is offered with a Macbook.


Small class size and well decorated classrooms


The reputed institutes greatly ensure small class size, so that the trainers can dedicatedly pay attention to each & every student in the class. As the class strength is maintained low, the trainers understand the difficulties of the students in learning the coding languages and thus accordingly design the learning techniques. The reputed institutes offering programming for kids Singapore maintain a teacher- student ratio of 1:8. So, not for more than 8 students are allowed in a single classroom. The classrooms are well decorated with chairs and round tables with proper air conditioning & lighting systems. Thus, the entire environment of the class highly attracts the kids to carry forward their learnings. To avoid any confusion, the reputed institutes have designed a unique roadmap for the coding courses.


Course for 8-12 kids


For smaller kids with 8-12 age group, the coding course starts from basics of scratch. The instructors provide all the necessary concepts of scratch in order to ensure a strong foundation. Then the kids learn how to build codes with scratch. After the learnings of scratch, the kids are subjected to the basics of python 1. Once the concepts of python 1 are over, the concepts of python 2 are introduced to the students. So, overall the kids with this age group are provided with the basics of python blocks and scratch.


Course for 13-18 kids


In this course, the core concepts of Sg education programming language are introduced to the kids. It is pretty important for the kids to attend the basic classes or else the core learnings will go in vain. Here the students are subjected to python sessions, abstractions and Pygames. Once they are done with the python language, they are directly introduced to the mobile development and javascript basics.


Well, the entire setup and roadmap of the coding course seems effective for the small age kids.